Travelling during a Global Pandemic

Hi there!

Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday? 2 months later and I’m back writing a blog- I didn’t mean for it to be so long! But this year seems to be a mixture of time absolutely flying and also going super slow. It’s October already, we’re not that far away from Christmas, but at the same time the first lockdown seems like it was AGES ago. Although after yesterday’s announcement, I’m not sure that it will feel so long ago, especially since we’re going back into another lockdown!

I was so lucky to be able to travel to London a few weeks ago. The UK were not on the Irish green list but I had something on with work so it was essential travel and I followed the government guidelines when I came home and restricted my movements. For anyone who may have to travel for work, the advice in Ireland now is to ‘Restrict your movements’ when you return to Ireland, so it’s a little different to the original ‘Quarantine’ that was previously imposed. Basically I can live in my house with my family- not that I’m hugging them everyday, but they don’t have to quarantine and I just have to limit my trips out of the house! I’m lucky I can go for a walk and get outside and to be honest there’s not really much else to do anyway, so I haven’t noticed the time going.

As regards the airport, honestly it was a DREAM to travel. Two minutes to go through security…..ideal, and my flight was so early, most of the shops weren’t even open. Obviously there were people travelling, but with no crowds and no delays, overall it was a great experience. The mask does get a bit annoying, but you just get used to it and as a mandatory requirement it’s not like you have a choice! I would definitely say to bring lots of spare new masks with you if you’re travelling because you’re supposed to change them every four hours and especially when you’re at the airport, you’ll just want to throw them out. I had brought some material ones, but I didn’t wear them in the airport or on public transport.

I had the whole row to myself on both flights which was great, and no queues or hassle getting onto the plane. I wasn’t worried about flying or travelling in general during Covid but I know some people would be. I’m so used to travelling for work that you just have to not think about a potential disease everywhere and keep washing your hands every chance you get.

It was amazing to be back in London after 6 months! When I came home for St.Patricks Day in March, I never would have said I would still be here. And a lot of people thought I had moved back to London when I was there in September, but until life resumes to a more normal state and it’s safe to travel regularly, I’ve decided to stay in Ireland. The numbers are substantially lower here (in comparison to the UK) and it’s much nicer to have home comforts especially since we’re in another lockdown, so there’s a lot more reasons to stay home at the minute.

Obviously I had to visit some nice restaurants while I had my week of freedom as I called it! One of my favourites was Madera at Treehouse London. I had never been before and my friend Victoria chose it because she knows I like ‘instagrammable places”. We had fabulous brunch looking out over Langham Place- the ideal office!

Top is from Chi Chi London

I was also at some of my Shoreditch favourites- The Boundary Hotel and obviously Cecconi’s. Everywhere was super normal but with covid restrictions in place. A lot different to Ireland in my opinion, as everyone seemed to be getting on with it. Certain areas were extremely quiet, like around Liverpool St. As an area that is usually full of crowds, especially at rush hour, it was crazy to see it deserted, but also kind of nice! It was a completely different way to see London…….without the throngs of people everywhere, all the time!

The Rooftop Bar and Grill at the Boundary Hotel
Cecconi’s Shoreditch

Even though it was quite a rainy week, I still managed to get to town to have a look in some of the shops. H&M home was amazing, as usual. I even made a reel to showcase some of the new stock. All I need is a big house to decorate! I also popped into Liberty, which is always an experience each time you visit. They have fabulous decor, beautiful clothes and products, and their Christmas shop has now opened. One of my favourite spots is actually outside the main door where they always sell gorgeous flowers and bouquets.

Liberty London
Liberty London

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back into writing them more often, especially now that we’re going back into a lockdown. If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a message! I’d love to hear from you x

Have a great week!


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