Isolation Shopping Confessions

Hi Guys,

Hope you’re all having a lovely Tuesday and enjoying the sunny weather! It’s nearly like summer has come early while we’re all stuck at home.

Obviously with all this time at home, I’ve been online shopping- big surprise! Although, I haven’t been buying as much as I thought I would because this is such a great opportunity to save – it’s not like we can go out and spend money on anything 😂

With that said, I have bought a few bits and I’ve shared them all here in case you want to  have a look. I love to see what people are buying so I thought it would be a fun post. But they’re mostly practical so don’t get too excited!


Nike Leggings- I’ve wanted new black leggings for a while and with all the walking I’m doing at home, I thought now is the time! I bought these from for €35 and they arrived within a week. They’re such a great fit and super comfortable so I will definitely  be adding a few more pairs to my basket.

Image Ormedic Serum from Eyrebrushed Beauty and Skin Clinic. I wasn’t really planning on buying a new serum because I’m only about halfway through my Image Iluma serum but I left it in London when I came home a few weeks ago. When I came home that weekend, I really didn’t think I would be home for so long and I knew I had some samples at home to keep me going- until I ran out! I have wanted to try the new Ormedic serum from Image though so I was delighted to have an excuse to buy it. Eyrebrushed are doing some great offers during lockdown so everyone can keep their skin healthy and also support a small Irish business.  Emma even put in an Image Overnight Masque for me to try and I absolutely love it! 100% adding this to my routine going  forward.

Zara pants– I actually bought two pairs- whoops! The first pair were actually a bit of a mistake (I thought they were the second pair haha), so I’m going to try both on and see which I prefer. Zara have free delivery and are extending their returns period so I’ve been on their website most days.

H&M Bikini- Obviously we’re all here dreaming of the summer so I saw this bikini and just had to have it! It was around €25 for the set which I thought was quite good.

Shampoo– I’ve been meaning to try new shampoo for a while (something good) and wasn’t sure what to go for so I ordered the Morocconoil Gift of Beauty Repair set and Alfaparf scalp renew from I’ve only used the Morocconoil shampoo and conditioner so far so I’ll do an update when I have an opinion on both.

Plastic boxes– I bought three plastic boxes from so I can clear out some more stuff from my room. I went on a major clean two weeks ago but there are some bits I want to keep so they’re going in plastic boxes in the attic.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m sure I’m going to have a few more bits added by the end  of the week! Most of the products are from Irish businesses as I’m making a conscious effort to support small and local businesses as much as possible at the minute. I hope you will too.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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  1. Love reading your blogs. Keep them coming!


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