This seasons IT colour!

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 13.22.14Hi Guys!

I’m back with a somewhat normal post today, on the IT colour of the season, sage green. I’ve wanted to do a fashion post recently because it has actually been months since I posted a wishlist/trend type blog and there’s so much corona related content on the internet at the minute, that it’s nice to have an escape, even if it’s only for ten minutes!

As I’m sure you’ve seen on lots of Instagram accounts and online magazines, sage green is set to be a huge trend this summer, whether we’ll actually get to enjoy or not is another matter! I absolutely love the colour but I haven’t purchased anything in the shade yet so I’ve yet to discover if I like it as much on!

But it’s a really simple pastel like colour that suits most people an

Either with one piece or as a whole outfit and the shade can vary from lighter sage to darker khaki-like colour.

This dress from ASOS is absolutely fab and I would buy it straight



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