Things to do at home this week!

b06d5a80-b04a-4004-82e7-65bf0886c4faHi guys,

I hope you’re all well and keeping your positive spirits up? ……. (and washing your hands regularly!)

What a YEAR these last two weeks have been! How could we have even imagined the situation that is currently unfolding- all stuck in our homes, nearly everything closed and a fear of a contagious virus! It’s hopefully something that we will never see in our lives again, but unfortunately it is something that we will have to get through together for the next few weeks and months.

I am extremely lucky to still be able to work and have a job unlike so many others. Having that normality means I can somewhat go about my day as usual and I only need to fill the evenings and weekends with things to do.

With that said, we’re all going to have ample amount of time over the next few weeks and if you have a productive mindset like me, you’ll want to make it count! So I’ve made this quick list of Things to do if you need some ideas or inspiration… or you’re just bored and want to have a read!


-The Arty-Art and crafts

  • Create a Scrapbook– I used to do this when I was younger, but it’s a great way of getting creative and also reliving old memories too!
  • Paint your bedroom furniture– I embarked on this task this about two years ago and said I would never paint anything again! You definitely need plenty of patience and determination if you plan on doing everything.
  • Make cards– trivial fact about myself, I was an avid card maker as a child and sold personalised cards to everyone I knew! 
  • Flower arranging– When I lived in Chicago, I worked in the floral department of HMR (an events company) during the week and I absolutely loved creating bouquets and small arrangements! It was a huge studio and most weeks we would be making $10k arrangements for elaborate weddings. I find it so relaxing to buy a couple of bunches of flowers, in the supermarket or wherever and spend an hour moving them around in vases until I’m happy with the overall look.
  • Do an online drawing class. Here‘s a webpage full of free online tutorials and classes. It’s definitely not for everyone but worth a try.

-The obvious- Cleaning/Organising

  • Organise your wardrobe. I’ve started getting rid of things I don’t want and putting them into a charity shop pile or a Depop pile. I’ve never used Depop before but I made an account over the weekend and I’m going to try it out. Although, everything supposed to be going in my Depop pile seems to be making its way to my sister’s wardrobe when I’m not looking.
  • Go through your makeup bag/drawer/(whatever you use to store your makeup) and throw out the old mascaras/lipsticks etc.
  • Clean all door handles in your house and keep disinfecting areas you touch and use regularly. #covidcleaning
  • Use an alcohol wipe to clean your phone/laptop screen. We’re all spending more time on our screens at the minute so it’s important to keep it disinfected and clean!
  • Do a big laundry wash. Fun is the only word

-The wellness aspect…

  • Go for a walk– no phones, no distractions, just fresh air!
  • Watch (and complete) an online workout. There are lots of videos on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Take care of your skin. This is a great opportunity to give some TLC to your skin, maybe do that mask you’ve been thinking about for a few weeks, or do a full body exfoliation. Eyrebrushed Skin Clinic are doing online skin consultations and they also have a full online shop for all your skin needs.
  • Bake. Why not try some new recipes and get creative with the ingredients in your cupboard! There’s actually so much baking going on in my house, that we’re going to have put on a ‘corona stone’ by the end of it!
  • Spend 5 minutes on your own. Slow down for 5 minutes, concentrate on your breathing,  and give your head some time to unwind during the day.
  • Colouring books. I don’t actually have any, but it is something that seems quite therapeutic so I might invest soon!

-The boring…

  • Taxes– If you’re self-employed like me, you will need to submit your taxes at the end of each tax year, and this can be a lot easier if you keep on top of it during the year. Don’t forget your expenses too!
  • Financial planning and budgets. After the corona-virus subsides, the economy is going to be in a very different state and people may not have the same income so it’s never any harm to look at what you’re spending and weigh out your essentials vs wants.
  • Take a nap. When else will you be able to go for an afternoon nap if needed? You might as well take advantage if  you can.
  • Delete unwanted emails. This is a slightly controversial one. I am one of those people who cannot deal with unread emails. I like to keep on top of all messages and emails every day and delete what I don’t need. Although this has come to haunt me in the past- I’ve learned to keep the majority and file them!

– The Offline/Productive activities

  • Learn a new skill. I’m currently teaching myself how to use the apps on the Adobe Creative Cloud which will be super handy for work. (Illustrator/Lightroom etc) I’m lucky that I have access through work, it can be quite expensive otherwise.
  • Download a language app. Or you could read old French college notes (like I’m doing!) to keep your language proficiencies going!
  • Order photo prints. I’ve always like having ‘actual’ photos instead of relying on my phone, so I usually order photos from Snapfish every month. You get 50 free prints and you just have to pay for delivery.
  • Make cocktails. There are so many great cocktail recipes and a lot of us could use a drink since we’re confined to the house so why not make some house cocktails!
  • Play a board game with your family- disclaimer… usually ends in a row. Personal favourite= Scrabble.
  • Practice an instrument– I’m loving being in the same house as my piano while I’m home from London, ample time to learn new pieces, not that I have yet!

One really important one that I haven’t put on any of the lists is Facetiming and calling relatives and friends. It is so important that we all keep in contact during this time and I know it’s hard not being able to see people in the flesh but we’re so lucky that technology allows us to still keep in contact.

So let’s all try and stay positive through this and make the most of whatever situation you’re in.

Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration on how to fill the long days!

Eva x


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