Getting ready for the Brits in 30 minutes!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?

I meant to do this blog over the weekend but I was actually so wrecked after the busy week I had, that I slept for most of it! (Very productive weekend)

So as you may have seen on my Instagram, I was at The BRITS on Tuesday night and it was honestly like a dream! I have always loved awards season for the fashion and getting to see all the celebs, and to have the opportunity to actually go was absolutely amazing. I’m still singing the songs nearly a week later and Stormzy has been on repeat every day!


Rewinding back to Tuesday……….I had been over at the 02 all morning collecting the tickets for Beats for that night and it was all systems go. Everyone was running around like busy bees and there was me, in the midst of it all. Unfortunately, the tickets weren’t ready when I arrived which meant I had to arrange to be back at the 02 that afternoon. So around 4pm, I was in the hotel lobby of the Intercontinental and there were some celebs arriving all glammed up, and sitting there in my jeans and boots, I thought to myself, God I would love to be going! And honestly, like magic, a few minutes later I had a bit of a fairy godfather moment and ended up with a ticket to the Brits! ….baring in mind that it was now 5pm, the Brits were at 8pm and I had NOTHING to wear! It sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, but I literally had nothing, not even a pair of heels.

I had been home the previous weekend and I was telling my mum all about the projects we have coming up and that I was getting the tickets for the Brits on the Tuesday and she said, you should bring something back over with you in case you get to go and of course, I said “No no I won’t need anything, I’m not actually going!”. Well that came back to bite me. Word of advise- mothers are usually right and we should probably listen to them!

So there I was, beyond delighted to be going to the Brits. I could barely contain my excitement only for the fact I was about to embark on a 3 hour mission to beautify myself and get back to the 02 on time!

The 02 is in Greenwich so I hopped on the train and got off at Canary Wharf which was on the way home anyway, to see if I could somehow find a dress to wear. At this stage it was rush hour and Canary Wharf is suit central so I was completely out of place. But there is a shopping centre there so Zara to the rescue! I managed to pick up two dresses which were both possibilities for the night, even though I didn’t have time to try them on. But then came the shoe issue. You would think I would have a pair of heels in London, but to be honest, I LIVE in flat shoes, trainers and boots and if I have something coming up, I’ll usually be home a few weeks beforehand and bring a pair over with me. So I ran into Topshop because Zara were not winning on the shoe front and again like magic, there was one pair of size 6 (nice) black heels left! And they were on sale so it was fate- everyone knows I love a good sale!

I’ve actually found both items that I wore, but the dress is sold out on Zara now so I haven’t linked it.

I think I did quite well for under an hour shopping! It was after 6pm at this stage and I was starting to get a bit angsty on the train because I knew the big rush was about to start! So I got home just before 7pm, lashed on the fake tan- I only had Sally Hansen instant (a blast from the past) because all my Vita Liberata tans were gradual, put on some make up, brushed my hair (all I had time for) and was out the door at 7.30pm! I hopped back on the train and arrived at the 02 at 19.59 and I still made it to my seat before the show started!


So there I was, living my BEST LIFE sitting at the Brits, singing along to everything after a crazy three hours, and I loved every minute! It’s 100% one of my highlights since moving to London!


Obviously the awards were fantastic, with performances from Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Mabel, Stormzy…. what more could you want! It was televised too so it was really cool to be there for the parts that weren’t on TV during the ad breaks. Jack Whitehall was also a brilliant presenter and had everyone laughing all night.


Not only did I attend the Brits, but after it finished, I then went to the Beats by Dre x Dave after-party at the Scotch of St. James- a dreamy Tuesday if you ask me! I didn’t stay out too late because I had to be up early for work the next morning and I was wrecked at that stage, but it was an absolutely unforgettable evening and night!


So that’s my Cinderella story, I still can’t believe I was actually there. I watched loads of Brits videos over the weekend just to relive the night!

Definitely going to have a spare outfit in the wardrobe from now on. 🙈

Hope you all have a great week.

Eva xx



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