Weekly Roundup- February


Happy Wednesday! I’m back with another weekly round-up (even though I don’t do them every week) to chat about a few things I’ve been up to recently.

It’s been a crazy few weeks since I came back to London after Christmas, especially with work. I’m not sure if I mentioned on social media, but I moved to a new agency in January and I’m loving it so far! Not that I didn’t love my previous job, but this one is a much better fit for what I want to do right now and gives me more opportunities to grow and progress career wise. Obviously with that came a lot of admin work and more responsibility but as I said i love it so I can’t complain!


I was home two weeks ago and honestly, I felt like I was on a schedule for the whole weekend. I had so many things pencilled in that I didn’t get to switch off and relax all weekend, hence the decision to come again last weekend. And just to make sure I really relaxed, Harry and I went to Kilkea Castle for a cheeky spa getaway! We had planned to visit the Old Yard in Castledermot for lunch on the way, but they were closed, so maybe another time! I got a really good last minute deal on a one-bedroom lodge at Kilkea, so we even had a kitchen/living area for the night!


The spa was probably my favourite part of the weekend though. Fabulous smells, relaxation rooms and a thermal suite, what more could you want. It was €30 per person which wasn’t included in the room rate, but it was such an amazing experience from the moment we walked in. I was brought to the changing rooms by one of the girls and given a robe and slippers and then we were brought on a tour of the spa before ending up in the thermal suite where we stayed for about an hour and half. The vitality pool mixed with a few quick visits to the sauna and steam room, left us truly relaxed and with fingers likes prunes!


So I got my much needed relaxation after-all! I would really recommend Kilkea Castle for a short getaway. The food was great, staff were lovely and it was just really chilled and different to staying in a usual hotel. #castlevibes and all that! It’s also only a 40 minute drive from Kilkenny so it’s super handy if you don’t want to travel too far!


When I was home, I was finally able to open this super cool backpack from Gaston Luga that I received. Gaston Luga reached out to me and asked if I wanted to collaborate and try one of their bags, so obviously as someone who uses a backpack almost everyday in London, I was really excited. It wasn’t a brand I was familiar with, but Scandinavian brands seem to be more popular than ever nowadays, especially for backpacks. I was able to chose which model I wanted so after a lot of deliberation, I went with the Praper backpack in black. I chose black because I’ve also recently bought a cream/beige backpack and I’m honestly killed trying to keep it clean. I’m that weirdo on the airplane who doesn’t want anyone touching their bag or putting bags on top of it in case it gets marked. So black seemed like a great choice that I can use everyday, especially for travelling as we all know how dirty airports are. The Praper backpack seemed like one of the biggest bags they had and I have so much stuff in my bag everyday that I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be tight on space.

img_1429Gaston Luga backpack


They also sent a Plankan vegan leather card holder with the backpack which is really sophisticated. The brown is a bit more on the masculine side if I’m honest, but it would be a great pressie for your other half for Valentine’s day!


Use code 15EVAP for 15% off your purchase on http://www.gastonluga.com!

I was also recently invited for a fabulous three course meal at Harpers restaurant in the Hibernian Hotel for Kilkenny Restaurant week 2020. There was such a great choice on the menu and both Harry and myself were stuffed afterwards! Look at that brownie 🙂


I think that’s all of the latest goings on in my life. If you haven’t read my last blog post, it’s a Lisbon Travel guide so if you’re planning a spring/summer getaway check it out!

Hope you have a great rest of the week and an even better weekend!

Eva x

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