2019- What a year!

161818e0-8eed-488e-8d37-da9987bdb5c8Hi Guys,

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic joy-filled Christmas. I can’t believe it has gone by so quickly- literally all I’ve done is eat, watch movies and sleep! Today is New Year’s Eve and it’s honestly only sinking in that it’s the end of the decade. I’m one of those people who thinks 2007 was only a few years ago and not 13!

 I just wanted to look back on 2019 and appreciate all the good moments because it was quite a big year for me. I did a lot of travelling- (39 flights to be exact!), moved to London, started my first ‘real’ job, I was a Bridesmaid for the first time, was nominated for some more blog awards and I have managed to keep my (long-distance) relationship going- so far!


2019 started with a bang when I spent two weeks in New York and Washington with one of my friends and we had the most amazing time and evidently no January blues as a result! I also got to meet Erika Fox (Retro Flame) and she was honestly one of the nicest bloggers I have ever met and actually took time to have a conversation with me- major fan-girl moment!

I then came back from New York and head to Lanzarote with my family three weeks later! Would highly recommend a sun holiday around January/February, it made the winter much shorter!

April marked the big move to London! After 2 weeks of interviews and decisions, I packed my bags and moved to London with one big suitcase. I started my new job at MKTG the day after I moved and managed to find a house 2 weeks later!

In my first few months in London, I met some lovely friends, travelled to Paris and Berlin twice with work and had lots of visits from friends and family.

July- I came home for a week to fulfil my bridesmaid duties for Eadaoin and Michael’s Wedding. Arrived to the airport and went through security not realising my passport was still at my house in London and flew home on my driver’s license just in time for the wedding!

I then had a hectic few months with work so it’s a little bit of a blur, but I got to experience London at Christmas (from about October!) and was invited to some great blogger events and previews.

So that’s my year in a really small nutshell- skipping a lot! I’m not big into New Year’s Resolutions but this year I have actually made one that I’ve been trying to stick to, so we’ll see how it goes.

I also just wanted to put in a note of thanks for everyone who supported me this year- in any way, I really appreciate it. I know I haven’t put as much effort into my blog as I would like, but real life gets in the way sometimes. I think I need to make that another 2020 resolution; spending time on my blog again! But anyway, I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kindness and also to the brands and businesses I worked with in 2019, thank you! Here’s to more in 2020!

Hope you have a great week and a Happy New Year!



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