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Hi Guys,

Hope you’re having a great weekend? I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas! I have my flight home booked for the 18th Decemberso it’s only another two weeks in London before endless Christmas movies and selection boxes become my day job!

I’ve wanted to do this blog for a while, but like most things it’s been put on the long finger with work being busy and me just generally not being too fussed! When I moved to London, interior shopping was at the bottom of my list of things to do and I was obviously more focused on finding a house and buying the basics … a duvet,  bed sheets and the fun IKEA furniture. But now that my jam packed summer of travelling is over and I’m a lot more settled in London, I’ve started to gradually decorate my room. It has recently been painted which has made a huge difference and I’ve been able to buy more prints and accessories to make it more homely.

I was in H&M Home a few weeks ago and they had some amazing prints from Desenio. It was a brand I hadn’t heard of before, but I really liked the selection in H&M so I of course had to google them when I came home! They have such a great selection of prints and frames online and something to suit every room. I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted at first, but since I love travelling and ultimately, hot weather,  I went for prints of the Amalfi coast and Venice. To be honest, I hadn’t even really thought of buying prints for my room until I saw the Desenio selection in H&M Home so I was so glad I had gone in that day and discovered the brand!


The colours in the prints were a big selling point for me because I knew I wanted to match the sage green accessories I had bought in Primark so the shades in the prints really bring out the green in a subtle way. I also love that I get to look at the beach and sea everyday.


I can’t wait to buy some more prints and create a gallery wall, but in the house I’m currently in, I can’t put too many nails in the walls! So for now I’m just using the new feature on the Desenio website which allows you to create your own gallery wall before you purchase. You can choose your room, then the type of layout you want on the walls and finally select all your favourite prints and frames. Here’s one of my saved walls:

Create your own Gallery wall

I chose the 50 x 70cm size for the Amalfi view print and then 30 x 40cm for both the Venice print and the Amalfi cityscape print. I wanted a larger size for over my bed and then two smaller ones to put somewhere else in the room but they have recently become homeless since my room was painted because the painters removed the nails in the walls. The total for the x3 prints was £28.82 with a 15% discount.

I also just wanted to add a quick list of where I have been fuelling my interior shopping addiction. I know I haven’t put photos of everything up but sometimes it can be a help to know where is good to pick ip certain bits!

  • Prints- Desenio
  • Curtains-Amazon
  • Duvet covers- John Lewis and Dunnes Stores
  • Pouf- MADE
  • Lamp- Argos
  • Ring Light- Amazon
  • Mirror- IKEA
  • Clothes Rail- IKEA
  • Cushions- H&M Home and Primark
  • Frames- H&M Home- also available on Desenio
  • Side Table- IKEA

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmasy week ahead.

Eva xx

Desenio Gallery wall

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*This post is sponsored by Desenio.

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