Best Insta-worthy Coffee Shops- London

img_0380……we all knew it was coming! ☕️The second edition of my favourite insta-worthy coffee shop blogs! Following my similar Chicago blog, and the fact that I’m living in London, I have ample time to explore all the cool spots that need to be featured on your instagram account! So here’s quick run down of the coolest spots I’ve visited so far and places you need to go for your daily coffee!


Genesis, at 144 Commercial street is a great shout if you want more than coffee. They have a full menu even including burgers and chips and the decor is really fun and pink! It’s also super close to Old Spitalfields Market which is lovely for a stroll around the cute boutiques. Check out their instagram here.


Grind has lots of locations around London so you will never be far from one of their sophisticated coffee spots. You can have coffee during the day or their £6 cocktail deal midweek so for £2 you could swap your coffee for a cocktail! They also offer a loyalty card if you think you’re going to visit regularly so for every drink you get a stamp towards a free cocktail. Most of the locations are quite small but really cool and chic. Also a great spot if you want to whip out the laptop and get some work done!


These cafes in Covent Garden and also Oxford Circus are trendy and great for lunch but with a bit of a bougie price!  The floating wicker chairs are great for your intsa and they have such a chill vibe that you could actually stay for hours!


Obviously this is one of the most recognisable coffee shops in London, but I couldn’t leave it out of this blog! There are two locations in London and both are always flower-filled insta-worthy spots! The cakes are also really good which slightly surprised me because sometimes a place looks better on the outside and the food isn’t actually great but we had the most amazing chocolate brownie- so it’s definitely worth a visit!


Elan is another popular coffee shop choice for those who want ‘instagrammable’ pink flower walls! The one on Brompton Road looking out on Harrod’s is probably the nicest and usually the queues are short if you don’t hit peak times.


I haven’t actually eaten here but it has such a cute exterior that you could even just walk past it if you’re in Notting Hill. The cafe is quite small but if takeaway coffee is your thing, you could get a coffee to go and a quick snap outside!



Gail’s probably has the least ‘instagrammable’ interior of all of the cafes mentioned here, but the food is amazing and definitely worth an insta story! We had such a fab breakfast when I visited that I couldn’t not pop it in!


Those are just a few I have visited since moving to London that I loved but obviously I have an endless choice so here are a few more on my list to visit:

  1. Fendi Caffe at Harrods
  2. 100 Queens Gate
  3. Aubaine Selfridges
  4. Meringue Girls
  5. Palm Vaults
  6. Dyce by Freya
  7. Saint Aymes
  8. Rumours Mayfair
  9. Dalloway Terrace


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