Bridesmaid duties!

Hi Guys!

Here I am again, post-wedding! I actually can’t believe it’s over. It was such an amazing day and we even continued the celebrations the next day- until late! I can’t imagine being the bride- I would be depressed after planning for nearly two years and then it’s all over in a few hours. Although, I suppose you have married life to look forward to! 🙂

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick blog on a few things that I’ve been up to before August catches up on me. Obviously the wedding was a huge part of July, so here’s some photos from the big day.


There was also a huge BBQ the night after with fabulous food and drinks, so it took the sting out of the wedding being over.


Dress: Zara       Shoes: Topshop

And this post wouldn’t be complete without a few tips for any future-bridesmaids out there!

The Hen Party- Otherwise known as the biggest stress you will have as bridesmaid, the hen party is supposed to be a weekend of fun and enjoyment, organised- seemingly unstressfully by the bridesmaids- this couldn’t be further from the truth. I never realised all the organising that goes into trying to get 15-20 girls in the one place on the one weekend! So my tips would be:

  • Start planning as early as you can.
  • Look at different weekends and give the group two options. More than two is confusing for people and only more hassle for yourself, so limit it to two.
  • If you’re planning the hen for a big group, using a website like  might be a better option as they handle everything for you and will save you a lot of time and hassle.
  • Organise a small hen-party bag for your bride. I made one with a MRS tote bag I bought in New York and I filled it with a bride-to-be pyjamas, tan, nail varnish, the bride-to-be sash and a few small bits. It’s just another idea for gifts.
  • If you manage to organise the hen night away for a weekend, try to plan a night locally too, to include family and friends who couldn’t make the hen weekend, then everyone is included- and you’ve two weekends of fun then!

Other than that, you just need to do a good job on the day- ie servant to the Bride haha. I took my job very seriously and carried the dress in the rain, fixed the veil at all available opportunities,  and of course waved at everybody from the prime position of top table.


When I was home for the week, I also managed to fit in an Image anti-oxidant facial at Eyrebrushed. Living in London, I find my skin is constantly dry and dehydrated so I was adamant that I needed a facial when I was home. I managed to get an early appointment with Andrea a few days before the wedding and my skin was glowing again afterwards which shows their miracle-like skills as I went in with my skin feeling like sandpaper. It’s such a nice treat when I go home, to get some time to myself to relax- while getting my skin taken care of too! I also got a post-treatment kit from Emma after the facial which is really handy to have especially when I’m travelling and Eyrebrushed always have great offers on Image products so I picked up an Image SPF moisturiser for €38 a few weeks ago. da45935d-3333-4842-aa68-9b925482099bimg_7198

I know this is just a quick catch-up blog but hopefully I will be able to post a bit more over the next few weeks now that I have a bit more time!

Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend, I’m flying home again- with my passport this time!

Eva x

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