From Berlin to Paris!


Happy Monday! I’m finally getting around to writing a blog post and to be honest, my mind is a bit blank here even though I’ve been up to loads over the past few weeks. I was in Berlin for work before I flew home for a week, came back to London for a day and then went straight to Paris! So thankfully I had a lovely lazy weekend to catch up on some sleep- apart from my trip to IKEA on Saturday and all the assembling that followed. But I just wanted to do a quick catch-up/travel post on Berlin and Paris before life gets busy again. I would love to be able to do proper travel blogs, but because they were both work trips, I didn’t have much free time to sit in cafes and get some nice insta pics! 0c069ecb-3036-42b5-bd9f-13ffd19b0147


So as I said, I was in Berlin for two events we were doing with Beats. I had never been to Berlin so we rented bikes at the hotel one of the nights and it was actually such a great way to the city really quickly!


The hotel was in Alexanderplatz, which is quite central and we cycled from there to the Brandenburg gate, got some photos and then on through Tiergarden to a beer garden in the park. It seemed like a great idea until we had to cycle the bikes back through the park, in the dark, post-drinking! We stayed in the Indigo Hotel Alexanderplatz which was really nice- obviously work were paying so it was even nicer! But my room was huge with a massive bed and mirrors all along one wall, so lots of selfies were taken!


The location for our event on the Saturday was Becycle which is a cool luxury gym in Mitte, Berlin. They do lots of HIIT, Barre, Spin and yoga classes but they had a really cute cafe attached to the club and I would highly recommend it if you’re in Berlin and looking for a health-focused meal. I had one of their green smoothies and smashed avocado and pesto on sourdough bread and it was fab!


Home In Between!

Obviously I’m home quite a lot, but I had a few things on the last week of June that I had to fly home for so it was straight from Berlin to Dublin. I hadn’t been home for a whole week since moving to London, so it was nice to spend more than a weekend at home even though I was working. I also managed to fit in a night away to Johnstown Estate in Enfield, Co.Meath – a bit of a staycation! It was a lovely hotel with fabulous facilities, although we could have done with a few ear plugs with the noise from the wedding that night!



Paris was a complete last-minute addition to my schedule! I had been working from home for the week (after Berlin) and literally 3 days before flying back to London, I found out I had to go to Paris. So I was back in London for all of 24 hours before I was heading on the Eurostar to Paris. Unfortunately Paris was even busier than Berlin in terms of work so I really didn’t get to sight-see or wander through the streets, but I have been to Paris twice, so I didn’t mind too much. I decided to get up at 8am on the Wednesday to go see the Eiffel Tower and to have a good french breakfast while soaking in some Parisian culture before I had to work for the rest of the day. It was great to just sit in the centre and people-watch for a while and even though I couldn’t get into holiday mode, just relaxing with a cappuccino and taking it all in was a fantastic way to chill for an hour!


I also managed to fit in a quick dip in the rooftop pool before we left which was amazing. I felt like I was actually on holidays for all of 40 minutes!

img_2151f0311ece-11f6-4aa7-90c2-4792a6044e08Obviously I can’t really say much more about Paris because that was all I saw except for our two event venues which I have to admit were really cool. The first was 21 Rue Blanche, which is a private members club, kind of similar to Soho House with a restaurant, gym and gorgeous decor!


And the second event was held at Parc des Princes, any PSG fans will know where that is where we had an event with Thierry Henry for the night.


I think that’s most of what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. I’m back in London for another week before going back home to do my official bridesmaid duty on the 19th so keep an eye for all the wedding related stories and posts next week!

Hope you all have a productive and enjoyable week!

Eva x


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