Weekly Roundup – April

Hi Guys!

I can’t believe we’re halfway through April. I know I always say that time is flying, but it actually is! I meant to have this blog up two weeks ago, but I never got around to actually finishing it I wanted to do a quick blog on a few bits I’ve been up to recently and it was easier to pop them all into one weekly roundup than to do short separate posts! So you might have seen that I was back in Eyrebrushed Beauty and Skin Clinic last week for an Image Antioxidant Facial. I was invited in by Emma for the facial and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time! I had had a stressful weekend (trying to make a big life decision- which is now made!) and I was actually just exhausted from thinking about it- if that’s even a thing. So when I went into Eyrebrushed for the facial, it was great to just relax and get a bit of pampering for an hour! I have had a few antioxidant facials over the past few months with Eyrebrushed and I find them amazing for keeping my skin glowing in between other treatments. The antioxidant facial specifically protects and repairs the skin from free radicals in the air. Everyday the skin is bombarded by sunlight, weather and pollution which trigger the production of free radicals and these radicals cause premature ageing of the skin- isn’t that great! So the antioxidant facial really helps to combat this and strengthen the skin with vitamin C. I know I probably say it all the time, but I can’t recommend Eyrebrushed enough for how well they look after all their clients and their attention to detail. My skin is so much better since this time last year and it’s actually exactly a year since Emma first messaged me to come in for a skin consultation. In that year, I’ve completely changed my approach to skincare thanks to the girls and I’m always working towards good glowing skin! In other news, I was on a ‘mini-hen’ in Cork last weekend. We stayed in the Montenotte Hotel and it was absolutely amazing! If you’re thinking of going to Cork for a weekend, I would definitely recommend it. It’s just outside Cork, so it’s really accessible and only about 6/7 minutes into the city in a taxi. The décor in the hotel is fab and they have a great pool and gym, which we used over the weekend. The staff were also amazing- they 100% deserve a mention for everything they helped us with over the weekend and honestly there were some unususal requests!We ate in the Cornstore for dinner on the Saturday night and it was fabulous! Great vibe, delicious food and really nice staff and they even gave us four strawberry chessecake shots after dessert!It’s going to seem like the whole weekend revolved around food, but we also went to the River Lee Hotel for Afternoon Tea on the Sunday! It was so lovely to just sit and relax after our wild night out!Finally, I was down in Monart Hotel and Spa, (Co.Wexford) last Tuesday for lunch. I hadn’t been to the hotel before so it was lovely to go for a walk around the gardens and to explore the hotel. I will definitely be back for a spa weekend!Really loving my new Boohoo Sage green jacket! It was such a steal and it matches nearly everything!

So that was just a quick recap of everything I was up to last week.

Stay tuned for some exciting news next week🙈

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Eva x



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