Spring Sun in Lanzarote

Another travel blog- they’re becoming a bit more regular than planned!

Honestly after spending two weeks in New York in January, I came home with the attitude of “I better lay low for a while” and that went well- for all of three weeks!

I’m really trying to travel and do as much as I can now while I have so much time because I probably won’t have time like this once I start working full-time……….when adult life actually starts! Obviously I am actually working at the minute, but because I freelance and do a lot of different things, I have a very flexible schedule. But that’s coming to an end in the next while so I’m creaming it while I can!img_5299img_3597

Anyway my family was going to Lanzarote for mid-term and I originally wasn’t going to go, but that’s another story! So fairly last minute I decided ‘what would I be doing at home for the week’ when I could be sitting on the beach in the Canaries!

img_3503img_5187img_5186I had never been to Lanzarote and it wasn’t somewhere I had at the top of my travel bucket-list but it’s one of the only places that has hot weather at this time of the year and I wasn’t going to say no to some vitamin D! I was so surprised at the Island in general, because it wasn’t at all what I expected. The whole island is literally barron land, except for the towns and villages that are built up for tourism, and they’re not even that big!img_3513img_5436We stayed in Playa Blanca which is in the very south of Lanzarote and I would highly recommend it. It is still relatively new compared to Puerto del Carmen but it seems to be a bit calmer and more relaxed, with the most amazing beaches! We were lucky enough with the weather too, the first two days were a bit cloudy but after that we had 22° every day so I actually got a bit of a tan- over my layer of Iconic Bronze! img_3913img_3911img_3912

We went to AquaLava waterpark during the week and even though it was relatively small for waterparks, it was still a great day and well worth a visit.

Obviously I know the majority of people reading this won’t be travelling to Lanzarote compared to some of other destinations in my other travel blogs but I still thought it was worth writing about, because I was researching a bit before I went and I couldn’t find anything on Lanzarote!

There’s fab hotels and apartments in Playa Blanca, but don’t believe any of them when they say they have heated pools in the winter months- we tried numerous pools and they were all baltic! I did get in a few times but it was a serious case of grin and bear it!img_5292

And another must-see if you’re in Playa Blanca is Playa Mujeres and Playa de Papagayo. They’re a bit off the beaten track but the beaches are amazing with absolutely huge waves. Another spot in the area is Marina Rubicon, which is the small harbour in Playa Blanca. There’s loads of cute restaurants and little shops and it’s nice for a stroll in the evenings. It’s actually where we saw Ryan Tubridy one of the nights, he was sitting at the table next to us having dinner!

So that’s kind of it, I can’t really think of much more. We had a really relaxing holiday, and to be honest I hadn’t had one of those in a long time-compared to the two weeks of running around in NYC!

Anyway enjoy the week!



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