A Weekend in Washington D.C

img_1189Hi Guys!

Hope you’re having a great week! I started this blog on the three and a half hour train back from Washington D.C to New Jersey with the hope of having it up that night, but it’s me and did that happen? Anyway I’m getting there, I’m here fighting the jet lag with endless cups of coffee, trying to get this finished. And as for the NYC blog post- that’s going to take me a big longer!

You might have seen from Instagram that I was on holidays on the East Coast of America for two weeks and I’ve been home since Saturday! We flew to JFK on Monday the 7th and spent a week in New Jersey/New York and then went to Washington for three days before returning to New York for our final few days!

Anyway this is just a quick guide to Washington and what we did while we were there. We had a fantastic weekend despite the weather- they forecast a snow storm and 5-10 inches of snow for Washington before we arrived and honestly we didn’t think anything of it until we woke up Sunday morning and the place was covered in snow! img_0781Transport/Accommodation.

So firstly, we took an Amtrak train from Newark Penn station to Union station in Washington D.C. They are high speed trains so the journey is only 3.5 hours- usually with working WiFi so you wouldn’t feel it at all! The tickets cost us $98 each return so it was definitely worth it for the weekend. When we arrived in Washington, we bought Metro Cards for $2 and we topped them up by $10 and that actually did us for the three days. Now we did walk quite a lot and we used Uber once or twice too but the metro system is actually really cheap so it’s worth using!

We stayed in the State Plaza Hotel for the two nights and we actually got upgraded when we arrived so we had two huge Queen beds, a bathroom and a mini kitchen – not that we used it! The hotel was about a 10 minute walk from the Foggy Bottom stop on the main Metro Line and it was also located in the Georgetown University area so there were always students walking around and it was only a 10 minute walk from the White house too!

Things to do!

Unfortunately the U.S government strike in Washington meant that none of the Smithsonian museums were open which was a pity but we still saw all the monuments on Monday in the lovely sunny weather!

  • The White House.
  • The Lincoln Memorial.
  • The Washington Monument.
  • The Captial Building.

img_0684img_1164img_1189img_0682We also decided to go to the Washington Wizards NBA game at Capital One Arena on Sunday against the Toronto Raptors. We got the tickets on Ticketmaster the night before and bought ourselves some Wizards merchandise on Sunday morning and we were all set! The game was actually brilliant, not that I’m a huge basketball fan but there were two overtimes so it was really exciting towards the end.img_0766We also tried to get tickets for an Ice Hockey game in the Captial One Arena too but the tickets were around $85 each on the day which was a bit expensive. But they had been on Stubhub for $47 a few days earlier only I didn’t buy them on time 😢.

We also went to Chinatown which was right beside the Captial One Arena which was cool to see but there isn’t really anything to do so once you’ve seen it that’s really it.img_0607Georgetown

Georgetown is a neighbourhood in Washington and it was probably my favourite place we saw while in D.C. It was like something from a film with fabulous houses and coloured buildings and it was also brilliant for shopping. It had the best savings by far out of everywhere we shopped while in the States. We went into a Forever 21 store and the sale items were 50% off with a “take an additional 65% off” offer! I got a coat that was $60 down to $6.65! I could have gone wild but we couldn’t carry too much back so I had to limit myself! Georgetown itself is super cute for a walk around and definitely worth visiting if you are in D.C.

img_0857img_0828img_0831img_1186It also had so many insta-worthy locations so we took lots and lots of photos as you can imagine!






I was actually kind of disappointed with how hard it was to find nice places to eat in Washington. D.C. Now don’t get me wrong, we had great food but we really had to search for places so here’s a few we liked!

  • Ella’s wood-fired Pizza.
  • The Hard-Rock Cafe- so unoriginal but the food was actually fab and so many places were closed Sunday due to the snow storm so we wanted to go somewhere reliable!
  • UNO, Union Station- great for pizzas, burgers and salads!
  • Haagen Daas, Gallery Place, Washington- expensive but fabulous ice cream!

img_0661So that’s a main guide to what we did in Washington. Obviously there’s lots more that you can do and we did miss a few things due to the government shut down so I suppose that’s an excuse to go back sometime!

If you have any questions or comments though, drop me a message and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Enjoy the week!



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