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Hi Guys,

Hope you’re having a lovely week! I’m here sitting in Cliff at Lyons having coffee trying to get this blog finished before today’s wedding- talk about last minute!  Anyway I just wanted to write a quick blog because I know once December comes, it’s not going to be on the top of my priority list!

So as you might have seen, I was in Eyrebrushed Beauty and Skin Clinic last week for an Image Skin Peel. To be quite honest I didn’t really know what it entailed until I went in and Marie explained the process, but basically it stimulates the skin stem cells to regenerate and gives your skin an amazing glow! I was honestly so shiny after I had it done!It was so lovely to be back at Eyrebrushed after all my summer travels and to be properly looking after my skin again. I had stopped using Image products for a few weeks because I just hadn’t gotten around to getting more and when it’s that bit more expensive than other products, it goes down on the priority list. But now that I’m back using it again, it has really encouraged me to just spend the money on your skincare and less on makeup products because you don’t even need much makeup when your skin is good. Within 3/4 days, my skin had cleared up and it just feels so much better. They are definitely the only products that I can honestly say make a noticeable difference on my skin.A few days after the peel, my skin did get a bit dry and it started to peel a little bit, but that was expected and it just shows that the skin is renewing itself! I had the Ormedic Image Skin Peel which is great as your first peel because it doesn’t require any prep like some of the other peels. So click here to book in with Eyrebrushed for all your skin and beauty needs ahead of the Christmas Party season!

Eyrebrushed also have some fantastic deals for Black Friday too if you check their Instagram and facebook pages. It’s a great time to stock up on your skincare products or to buy a lovely present for someone and also be rewarded yourself if you spend over €50.

img_7618So with today being Black Friday, I’m sure people are in the middle of serious shopping expeditions and a lot of brands and stores have discounts available until next Monday. I’ve put a small wishlist below of a few items that I have my eye on but there’s also some great offers available locally. I’ve seen a few posts/stories asking people to support local this Christmas and the same goes for Black Friday. Obviously big brands are able to give huge discounts this week but not everyone, especially small Irish businesses can afford to offer the same type of discounts so I think it is really important to try as best you can to also think of the local businesses while shopping this week!


In other news, now that I have more free time on my hands, I’ve joined a gym in Kilkenny and I’ve been throwing myself into fitness- definitely something I thought I would never say! I was always good to go for a walk or run but I’m really putting effort into it this time and when I’m having a bad day, the treadmill or weights get the brunt of it! Would highly recommend!

Anyway that’s all from me for the moment, things are getting busier from next week on and if you’re in Kilkenny in the next few weeks,be sure to pop into the Ormonde Hotel for coffee or some sweet treats! I’ll be playing in the reception every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the month of December!

Don’t go too mad with all the sales this weekend!

Eva xx

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