Best Instagrammable Food Spots in Chicago

Hi Guys,

Hope you enjoyed the weekend! I’m back again with another Chicago orientated blog . And just in case you’re wondering, ‘Instagrammable’ is actually a word in the Urban Dictionary. I was doubting my English for a minute so I had to look it up! Anyway, I know I did a lot of complaining about the food when I was in America because it was hard to eat well- but not if you were eating out all the time, which I did! Chicago is definitely under-rated as a foodie city and there are so many fab restaurants and cafes all over the city to explore!

  • The Goddess and the Baker

Such a great coffee shop in the centre of Chicago (S Wabash Avenue). It was always busy and the baked goods were always amazing! I never tried any of the salads but all of the savoury food looked delicious too. And they also have a sister café in Damen called Goddess and the grocer!img_5375img_7889

  • The Allis at Soho House.

The famous Soho House in the West Loop was actually where I saw Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld! I didn’t really know how exclusive the hotel was until we got there and we couldn’t get a table for the rest of the day- but thankfully somehow they managed to squeeze us in! So I would definitely make a reservation before you go because it’s always busy. We had brunch and then obviously a coffee and cookie afterwards! And out of this whole blog, my number one thing to do would be to go to the Allis and get a chocolate chip cookie- by far the best I’ve ever had. We brought some home and had to hide them they were so nice!


  • 3 Arts Club Café at Restoration Hardware.

This was easily one of my favourite places in the city. RH is an interior design retail concept store, so it is literally like walking through the most amazing showhouse and being able to buy the furniture- if you have a spare few thousand! There is also a rooftop park and conservatory and it’s so relaxing to just sit and take in the surroundings.


The Café is located in the courtyard which is exactly like being in an outside oasis of flowers and olive trees but it’s actually indoors! I just had coffee and a pastry but they had lots of lunch options and desserts. This is another place I would make a reservation beforehand in because it’s in a very up-market area of the city and is always full of business people and rich housewives during the day!


  • The Hampton Social


Ok the Hampton Social Hampton Social is literally Instagram Heaven and they’ve just opened another location in the centre of Chicago as well as their River North restaurant.

  • The Beach House Social


Located in the cool area of Wicker Park, the Beach House Social is similar to The Hampton Social and is actually owned by the same company. It has a really chilled and laid-back atmosphere and is lovely for Friday-night food and some cocktails!


Definitely not a place for anyone on a diet, one sundae is literally the same as having a full meal calorie-wise! And it is on the more expensive side at $10-15 per sundae, but you have to get at least one if you’re in Chicago or a Ghiradelli’s somewhere in America. They also give out free chocolates if you go inside, so there were times I went in just for the free chocolate.


This is another insta-worthy coffee shop, but if you’re in need of a generous-sized coffee- definitely not the place! Smallest coffee cups in Chicago! img_5376

  • Garrett’s Popcorn

Garrett’s isn’t really an insta-location but you won’t be able to resist the smell when you pass a Garrett’s shop in the city! I’m not a huge popcorn lover but Garrett’s is amazing! I used to buy the nutty flavour while I was shopping and it would be gone before I would get home. So you have to try it if you’re in Chicago!

Another one I haven’t mentioned is the Cheesecake Factory which is kind of another must-see in the US. We went twice when we were in Chicago and in fairness they had a great choice and fab burgers!


So that’s just a few fab restaurants and cafes to keep you busy if you’re in Chicago! In general, Damen and Fullerton have an endless choice of great restaurants so you could just get the train to one of those areas and walk the streets until you find what you like.

Thanks for reading!

Eva xx

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