Biggest A/W Trends 2018

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re having a fab Friday! I can’t wait for the weekend, not that I’m super busy from the week or anything but I have a wedding this Sunday so it’s all systems go getting an outfit ready!

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick blog on some of my favourite trends for A/W 2018 because Instagram is full of the latest catwalk photos with fashion month coming to an end this weekend.

  1. Animal Print

This is probably the biggest trend and some may even say it’s over-done already! (We’ve all seen the memes!) But it’s so versatile and you really can wear it with anything so I’m definitely going to be purchasing a few new bits in leopard and zebra print!

Burberry – Tom Ford – Victoria Beckham

2. Check

Check was all over the runway at Versace this year and even though it wouldn’t be one of my favourite trends, I couldn’t not include it! I would definitely go for a plain grey check trousers or blazer but that’s probably as wild as I would go!

3. Silks

Silks are back again for A/W 2018 especially with bold patterns and prints. I love a good silk shirt or dress because they are so flattering for any occasion. I’ve even worn my silk pyjama tops on nights out lately and I’m loving the trend!

Lanvin – Philip Lim

Some of my favourite picks from the high-street include:

4. Leather

Burberry – Givenchy

Leather is also a huge trend as usual for A/W 2018. It’s something that never really goes out of fashion and whether you have a jacket or skirt, it’s easy to wear with anything in the winter.

As usual the links are all attached, just to make the shopping temptation harder to resist!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram tomorrow for my wedding outfit details!


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