The weekend round-up!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I think everyone is just loving the sunny weather so long may it last! To be honest this blog is a bit of a mixture of what I’ve been up to for the past week and I threw in a quick holiday wishlist at the end aswell😂

So you might have seen that I had my cousin David’s wedding on Saturday in Adare which was fantastic! It was the first family wedding so there were lots of sore heads on Sunday morning!

My skirt and top are both from Folkster in Kilkenny, I wore my River Island Nude Court heels and my clutch is from Penneys! My hair was done by the amazing Aoife in Peter Mark Market cross and it didn’t budge all day and lasted until this morning too!

I also wore a jacket for the church to match the top which is also from Folkster! And while I’m at it, my mums outfit is from Monsoon, the headpiece is Aoife Harrison and the shoes are mine from penneys!

And of course Jenny looked amazing😍 Such a cute couple🙈

And I can’t not include the boys too! I usually don’t mention menswear but all of the suits were from Galvin Tullamore and they were fab😍

As I said the wedding was great- apart from the hour and a half we were running from the meal to the TV in the bar to watch the Kilkenny vs Wexford match! ⬛️💛 I was also gutted to miss the ALOTO crew who were filming in Nolan Park at half time but what can you do😂

In other news, I was back in Eyrebrushed Makeup and Beauty Studios last week to try out their new LED light treatment mask! The treatment is a pain-free form of natural skin rejuvenation and leads to clearer and brighter skin. There are different modes on the mask and I had the brightening treatment which lasted around 20 minutes.

To celebrate the arrival of the LED mask you can book a trial of this treatment for €25 or it can be added to a facial at Eyrebrushed for €15!

The LED mask is a leading professional mask as seen in Vogue so I was really excited to try it out! I was delighted with my skin after the treatment as it actually visibly brightened my skin, and I’m sure the other modes work just as well. I had the treatment 4 days ago now and my skin is still dewy and bright!

And just because I’m sitting here in the airport waiting to board my flight, here’s a quick holiday wishlist for anyone needing some cool pieces for their travels!

This is going to be the quickest blog I’ve ever done and I’m hoping it will upload before the plane takes off! I’m also sorry if there’s any mistakes, I’ll probably have to edit as soon as I land😂 R.I.P to my phone battery!

Anyway I hope everyone has a lovely week and be sure to keep an eye on my insta over the next few weeks!

Eva xx

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