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Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a fab weekend! It feels like so long since I’ve been on the blog but now that my exams are over, I’m starting to get back on top of everything that was put on the long finger! And in other news, isn’t the weather just amazing?! It’s actually so hot for Ireland, but I’m not complaining!

So as you might have seen on Instagram or my last blog post, I am delighted to be a brand ambassador for Eyrebrushed Make-up and Beauty Studios in Kilkenny. I’ve always loved going to Eyrebrushed as Emma was one of the first make-up artists to do my make-up for Kilkenny Fashion Week back in 2013! I think it’s fantastic that a local business has grown so much and that Emma and her team now cater for a huge variety of beauty and skincare needs!

I went to Eyrebrushed a couple of weeks ago for a skin consultation with the lovely Marie.  Marie went though everything from allergies to what products I was using and she was able to tell me so much about my skin that I didn’t even realise! Eyrebrushed offer skin consultations for €20 which are redeemable against skincare products and from a skin consultation they can create a long-term skincare plan that will be specific to your type of skin. To be honest, I was never really interested in getting a skin consultation. I suppose, like many others, I thought I was doing enough to care for my skin- using the usual cleansers and creams and an odd expensive moisturiser! My skin has been quite dry for the past few months and I’ve tried so many different moisturisers and everything just seems to soak in and make no difference. But after going for the skin consultation, I realised that even though I was doing a lot for my skin, it doesn’t make a difference unless it’s targeted for your specific skin type. So Marie said that I should be using a serum because a cream won’t work on my skin!

I think that was the most beneficial part of the skin consultation for me- learning about my skin and what I should and shouldn’t use! So if you’re thinking of going out and buying an expensive moisturizer or cleanser, I would honestly say book yourself in for a skin consultation instead. I think it is much better to know your skin and then to make a plan or purchase products that will definitely suit. I am actually so glad I have a proper skincare routine now as I was using different products all the time (not good for your skin!) and I was also using products that didn’t suit my skin type.

img_6133img_8612So I was back in Eyrebrushed last week for an Image Antioxidant Facial with Marie! As I said my skin has been quite dry recently so Marie decided that a hydrating facial would be the most beneficial for me. The facials at Eyrebrushed can be tailored to suit everyone so after having a skin consultation, they will be able to tell what your skin needs most. The antioxidant facial is a vitamin C enriched hydrating facial so it really worked on my dry skin and I actually haven’t used foundation since! The facial gave a great glow to my face and since I started using the Image moisturiser and cleanser my skin is much more dewy and fresh looking! I had seen a lot of hype on social media about Image products and how good they were before I was invited into Eyrebrushed, and to be honest, I was sceptical! But as someone who is hard to please, I can really say I now understand why! It actually works wonders for your skin! I love not having to wear make-up and since I started using Image I’ve barely worn it.


So for the facial, Marie started with a cleanse and exfoliation. This was followed by an Image hydrating mask for 12-15 minutes while I fought the urge to sleep! It was actually so nice to just feel the moisture soaking into my skin! Marie used the Image Vitamin C eye cream, the Image Vitamin C serum , The Image Mac stem cream and Image Prevention + daily hydrating moisturizer to finish off the facial and it’s safe to say I could have stayed lying on the bed all day I was so relaxed!


So that’s the latest on my skincare journey with Eyrebrushed! If anyone has any questions, I would love to help so please get in touch or you can also email Eyrebrushed here.

Hope you all have a great week!

Eva xx

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