Birthday Celebrations and April Events!

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the fabulous weather! It finally feels like summer is on the way- about time! I had planned to do a post before my birthday last Sunday as my last post before I turned 21, but did it happen? 😂 I also wanted to do a whole “21 Tips” type of blog post, 21 tips on what I don’t know, but 21 tips! Anyway, that didn’t happen either. So I’m writing this because I’ve had a hectic few weeks and loads of events so it’s just a but more info on what I’ve been up to lately!

So you might have seen on my Instagram that I was at the Aussie Blog Awards last Thursday night in the fab location of House on Leeson Street. As I said in the weeks leading up to the awards, I was so thrilled to just be nominated for Best Newcomer in this years awards! I was nominated with four other amazing bloggers all who I thought seemed to ‘big’ or ‘insta-famous’ for me to be included in the same category with! But, there was me and my relatively new blog, on the same list! 🙈

The event itself was so much fun and a great set-up. As someone who works at events, I know the stress that comes with a big event and being relieved when it’s over- so a huge congratulations to all the team at Burell PR and Marketing for their huge success! Not to get into a big list of thanks, but I would also like to thank, Aussie Hair and Dunnes Stores. It was such a fun-filled night with fruity cocktails and a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, something I haven’t really had the chance to do!

Dress: Boohoo

Shoes: River Island

Bag: The mother actually did well and got it in Carcassone the week before!

Tan: Sally Hansen and Vita Liberata.

Hair: Dry and Fly Wicklow Street Congratulations to all the winners on the night too!

And just to make the night even more interesting, my final music college ball was on in the Trinity City Hotel the same night! Nothing like a quick change- new dress, shoes and bag!- to get you in the mood for a few drinks! It was safe to say I was fairly wrecked on Friday but it was great!

Dress: Missguided

Heels: Folkser

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

So after all of that, it was also my birthday last Sunday! 21🙈 I’m getting old😂 Here’s a few pics from the party at the weekend😜

Dress: Nasty Gal

Shoes: River Island

And finally in other news, I’m delighted to announce I am now a brand ambassador for Eyrebrushed Makeup and Beauty Studios in Kilkenny! I’m so excited to start a new skincare routine and to use Image products. I’ve heard lots of good reviews so I can’t wait to try it myself! I went for my first skin consultation with the lovely Marie last Friday and she tested different products on my skin and gave me lots of information about what they do at Eyrebrushed and how I can improve my skin! It’s so hard to know what products suit your type of skin so I found the skin consultation fantastic because Marie was able to tell me all about the types of products I should and shouldn’t be using!

To be honest my skincare routine is quite basic- I usually use Micellar water to take off my makeup and a Ren skincare cleanser and at the minute I’m using an Estée Lauder moisturiser and eye cream. But I’m excited to finally have a proper plan that suits my skin so I’ll keep you all posted on my journey with Eyrebrushed!

Anyway, I need to get back to studying and stop using the blog as an excuse to get away from work! So this is probably my final blog post until May- after I finish my exams because I really need to graduate this year!

Have a fab week!

Eva xx

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