Monday inspiration

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and remembered to put the clocks forward! At least summer is on the way and hopefully the Beast from the East won’t reappear for Easter! I’m back to college this morning after my much-needed two weeks off, for my final few weeks of college! It’s so hard to believe I’m nearly finished🙈 I’m not thinking about it yet though- living in the moment😂

Anyway I just thought I would be a bit cringe and throw up a few inspirational quotes, because in fairness sometimes we actually just need that bit of motivation to get ourselves into gear for the week!

And obviously this week is the last week of Lent 2018, and after a slightly unsuccessful ‘giving up’ expedition, I’ve decided I’m going to try and give back this week! It might be just something small, but it could mean a lot to someone else, if you take the time to give rather than receive! Put the positive out there!

So I promise that’s my cringe quota fulfilled for another few months!

Have a lovely week!

Eva xx

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