Milan Travel Guide

Hey Guys,

I’m back with another blog while I still have free time! (Week 1 of college and the workload is minimal!) and yes I was off on my travels again last week!

It was great to be back in Italy for my first trip of 2018! Obviously I have a few things in the pipeline for this year but I’m going to have to knuckle down for the next few months and get college finished before I can really concentrate on what I want to do – whatever that is😂

I actually had flights booked to Munich for the same day as the Milan flight but decided on Milan in the end! Spending two days in Milan was definitely enough and we went to Florence for a day trip too. Milan is such a business-orientated city and everyone is ‘on a mission’ but Florence had a more relaxed holiday atmosphere so it was nice to get a mix of the two on the trip!


Duomo di Milano 

As Cathedrals go, this is definitely one of my favourites that I’ve visited! While we didn’t actually go inside the Duomo, we bought Terrace tickets to go up onto the roof and it was amazing! If you are ever going to Milan, do the terrace tour at sunset, it’s hands down the best thing to do in the city!

Galleria Vittoria Emanuele

As one of the oldest shopping centres in the world, the galleria is home to many designer stores and restaurants. The architecture is amazing and it’s a nice place to people watch!

10 Corso Como

This was also another one of my favourite places we visited. We took the metro to Garibaldi FS and Corso Como was just a short walk from the station. 10 Corso Como is a concept store, gallery and restaurant founded by Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue.

Teatro alla Scala

I’m not an opera fan- at all, but the theatre was lovely to see! It’s actually world famous and it was amazing inside, I would have just loved to see the orchestra practising or something while we were there!



We went to Aperol for drinks on the first night. It is situated on one of the terraces of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, that overlooks the Duomo . So you can sit inside with the cool decor or outside on the terrace to watch the world go by!

We both had Aperol Fruit cocktails with vodka, grapefruit, pineapple and passion fruit and they were amazing!


Motta became our ‘go-to’ place in Milan! Over the three days we had breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee there and it had a great buzz, again because of it’s location. It’s not too expensive and it’s in a great location- just at the (Duomo side) entrance to the Galleria Vittoria Emanuel. Also great for ice-cream!


Florence was definitely worth the day trip, even after all the hassle we had getting there!One thing to bear in mind is that the tickets for the train to Florence are €90 return which is quite expensive, our flights weren’t even that expensive! But we had our sights set on going, so we paid €90, I think if you book them in advance you can get them cheaper though.

So after an hour and a half at 300km we were half way down Italy and ironically the weather was worse than Milan. It was 7° and dull but we escaped the rain until about 6pm so it wasn’t too bad. Florence was immediately more relaxed than Milan, more of a holiday vibe which made us feel like we were actually on holidays! Uffizi Gallery

As one of the most famous galleries in the world, I couldn’t go to Florence and not visit the Uffizi especially since I used to study art history! It was really nice to see but there was actually so much art in the one place it was hard to appreciate it all. I would definitely recommend leaving a few hours to stroll around the gallery if you’re into art because it’s too hard to see everything in an hour!

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Again another big Art History subject! Famous for its Dome built by Brunelleschi, the gothic style cathedral took over 200 years to complete. We bought tickets to go to the top of the Dome which were €15, but that also included entrance to the Baptistry, the Bell Tower and other monuments. Unfortunately because the day was so dull, we didn’t get the full experience of the amazing views. We could see all around Florence, but my intentions of seeing the iconic yellow sunset didn’t happen. I also wouldn’t recommend climbing to the top of the Dome if you are very tall, have a fear of tight enclosed spaces or are just a bit unfit-it took 463 steps to get to the top in total, and my knees were in bits when we got down!

Obviously because we were only in Florence for one day, there are things we didn’t get to do, but I suppose it’s a good excuse to go back someday! One place I would love to go back and properly visit is the new Gucci Garden. It only opened about two weeks ago, so I just had a look around the shop but I definitely want to go back and visit the museum and restaurant!

So that’s Milan and Florence, in a nut-shell! I didn’t include everything we did and everywhere we ate because the blog would be too long, but all the best bits are here! I’m also going to do another post on Milan discussing all of the amazing interiors because I don’t have time to add it to this one so stay tuned for major interior inspo!Anyway for now, I hope everyone has a lovely week!Eva xx

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