Edinburgh in 8 Hours!

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week! It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through November and we’re not that far from Christmas!

So I’ve been meaning to do a travel post on Edinburgh for a while and what better time to do it than now, a year after I went😂 So this is Throwback Thursday post at its finest!

As I said, this time last year, I flew to Edinburgh for a day with three of my friends. We got up one morning, saw cheap flights and literally booked them straight away -€4 return each! We couldn’t help but joke all day about how it cost us more to park in Dublin airport for the day than for the flight!

We booked the earliest flight over and the latest flight home so we had the whole day over there, but only about 8 hours in Edinburgh itself and to be honest it was enough! I really enjoyed Edinburgh but we got everything done in the one day so unless you’re going over for something specific, one night would definitely be plenty!

The best advice I could give anyone is stay on the castle side of Edinburgh. We of course got off to a great start, going in the other direction and ended up having a mediocre breakfast in one of the only restaurants that was open. But after that, we got ourselves together and had an action packed day!

We went to St.Giles Cathedral first and then to Edinburgh Castle. I’m sure most people just take photos outside but we decided (after a lot of deliberation) to pay the £16.50 and go in for a look. Now the view was fab and if you’re into castles, I would recommend it but for anyone with a family or big group it’s not really worth the money. We did get to see the canon go off though so that was another plus!My favourite part of the day was Camera Obscura. It’s just down from the castle and for £8, it was absolutely fantastic!I’m definitely not an expert on restaurants in Edinburgh but we ate in a restaurant called Bella Italia which was great. They had a huge choice on the menu, the service was good, and they had loads of plugs for our nearly dead iPhones!We also visited the Christmas markets while we were there ( we couldn’t not!) which were really cute and there was a lovely atmosphere just walking around!We also ran into the National Gallery of Scotland for a bit of art appreciation after the markets! Again it was lovely just to walk around in peace and take in the art, even though we ended up just sitting on the couches resting ourselves because we were fading at that stage!

We actually went back to the airport a bit early because we physically couldn’t keep going! (We had been up since 3am)

For anyone going, Edinburgh airport  is really cheap for MAC makeup. Maybe the sterling was low when we went but I got a bottle of studio fix foundation for the equivalent of €23, when it’s €36 in Brown Thomas and €30 in Dublin airport.

Anyway, that’s a quick synopsis of what we did in Edinburgh! We had also planned to go to the cafe where J.K Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books but we didn’t have enough time! And I would have liked to see Carlton Hill, but that’s supposed to take a few hours and seen as we only had a few hours to see as much of Edinburgh as possible, we didn’t fit that in either!

I would definitely recommend Edinburgh for a short getaway if you get cheap flights- although I don’t think anyone will ever do as well as our €4 return flights😂 I’ve also heard it’s a good place to go out, so maybe I’ll have to go back and actually stay a night sometime!


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