Did someone say Paris?  

img_7665Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a lovely a week! I’m sure some people are on mid-term break for Halloween, unfortunately I’m not so no trick-or-treating for me!

As you might have seen from my Instagram account, I was in Paris two weeks ago for the weekend! It was an impromptu trip but we had a ball and the weather was great!  It was so mild and the Friday and Saturday were 22° so I was melting in my fur jacket.
I have to admit I went on a bit of a splurge before I left but I know I’m going to get great wear out of everything I bought so it’s all justified! One of my favourite pieces was the textured jacket from Zara. It’s such a statement piece and really makes any outfit dramatic. I felt like Big Bird going around but I loved it!

So I just wanted to do a blog on what we did in Paris and my favourite spots! I was in Paris 10 years ago so I had done all the tourist sites before but it was nice to see them again and take some nice photos!


  • Season

By far the most amazing lunch I have ever had! I can honestly say that there was probably only one or two things on the menu that I wouldn’t have chosen- the variation and combinations were fantastic.

We had researched cool places for lunch and Season was one of the top picks and it’s no wonder why. From the fab instagramable interiors to the delicious and flat-lay worthy food it was definitely one of my highlights of Paris! They are also worth following on Instagram if you love daily doses of fabulous food! Link Here

  • Angelina Paris

As one of the most famous tea rooms in Paris, Angelina was a must on our list! Obviously it’s not somewhere to go if you’re trying to see Paris on a budget, but if you like spending money on having a great experience, it’s fantastic! The Interior was fab and the chocolate dessert I had was amazing!


We flew to Paris Beauvais Airport with Ryanair and then got the bus (€17) to Paris which took a little over an hour.

While we were in the city, we took Metros everywhere. We bought a carnet of tickets which was €14.95 for 10 and you would definitely use that many. Be warned though- the tickets are only valid for 1.5 hours once they are first used. Unfortunately we learned that the hard way and had to pay €50 each in fines- now I did fight for a few minutes but in the end we just had to pay it- after literally getting verbally abused by the RATP officers. We learned afterwards that it was a total scam because you have 7 days to pay a fine and the ‘fine’ we got should have only been €25 so don’t fall into the trap like did. Other than that the metro was great, but I would say to plan your routes because it’s easier to know where you’re going when you’re under the ground than to be lost down there! And obviously watch your bags etc but thankfully we were fine! I ended up carrying my bagpack like a child- on my front and I got some weird looks but I knew my stuff was safe so I didn’t care!

We flew back from Charles de Gaulle with Aer Lingus and for anyone contemplating Paris, Charles de Gaulle is a much better airport, and Aer Lingus was also much more efficient. Obviously I know you’re paying for that with Aer Lingus but we were home 20 minutes early and it was a totally stress free flight!

You can get the metro straight to Charles de Gaulle for €10.30 too which is much easier and more reliable than a bus. Make sure to eat and do your airport shopping before your go through security though because once you go through there’s barely anything at the other side!


  • Musée de Louvre

Obviously the Louvre is a must when you go to Paris, but I have to admit I nearly rathered just sitting outside at the glass pyramids enjoying the sun more than the busy museum. We went on the Thursday afternoon and it was still so busy. I would definitely recommend going at a quiet time, maybe first thing in the morning because it was too packed to enjoy walking around looking at everything. But sitting outside was just fab! The setting is amazing with the pyramids and the fabulous architecture of the museum to look at! 

  • Musee D’Orsay

Again the Musee D’Orsay was busy too but not quite as busy as the Louvre. The top floor houses all the impressionist artworks, so that was by far my favourite but if that’s not your thing, there’s four other floors to explore!

  • Musée de l’Orangerie

We also went to the Musée de l’Orangerie in the Tuileries gardens to see the Monet paintings. It was so calm and peaceful in comparison to the other museums and much smaller. It’s also nice to go for a walk in the Tuileries gardens afterwards!

Sullivan’s Irish Bar

If you are in Paris on a Friday night, this is the place to be! We actually had such a fantastic night and we went from drinking vodkas in the front bar to discovering the night club out the back! So what was supposed to be a relatively early night -home at 1/2am turned into quite a late one! But the buses run all night in Paris so you’ll never be stuck for a lift home!

The bar is the in the the really cool area of Montmartre so you can get some photos with the wind mill and the lights in the Las Vegas-like area of Paris!We also visited the Sacre-Coeur after lunch in Season. It was nice to see and there was a great view from the top but if you’re visiting Paris it’s not something that I would put at the top of my to-do list. It’s a bit out of the way- I think we changed metros 3 times to get there and the whole area was full of tourists. The streets are full of tourist merchandise and the parisien atmosphere is nowhere to be found!So I think that’s everything! Obviously we did all the sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame but they’re the things that everyone does so I thought it would be good to mention some other aspects of Paris!

Some of the clothes I wore are also in my shop section if you want to have a look!

Jacket- Zara, Jeans- Primark,  Jumper-Primark Top- Missguided, Skirt- River Island,  Shoes- BershkaJacket- Zara, Top-Gap, Jeans-River Island, Runners- Adidas

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the blog, I have to admit I’m starting to use it (a bit more than my bank account would like) as an excuse to travel more but it’s all good! 

Eva xx



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