My Holiday Wishlist!

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! Despite the weather, all the EP snaps look great! Personally I don’t know if I would be able to hack EP, I’m not the camping type! But I hope everyone is having a great time at it!

I’m here packing! Yes, big surprise I’m going back to the south of France this week for one last break before final year! I actually can’t wait for 30 degrees and the warm sea because it’s only the third day of September and I’m already dreading the cold weather!

Now as much as I needed a holiday, I’m actually going for a reason! I’m super excited to be flying over for a fashion show at Nikki Beach at the Fairmont Hotel,  MONTE-CARLO!  I’m extremely fortunate to get some amazing opportunities as a result of this blog so I feel really lucky to be going! It’s a complete ‘pinch me’ moment to have come this far even though the blog is still relatively new! But It’s probably my most exciting collaboration yet and I can’t wait!

Obviously I will be giving all the details about the event on Thursday when I’m sitting by the pool at Nikki Beach enjoying the sun, so be sure to keep an eye on my social media accounts! (Instagram , Facebook )

Anyway yet again I only booked my flights this week so I was too late to do a major online outfit shop. I managed to pick up a few bits in Kilkenny on Friday so I think I have enough and to be honest I couldn’t justify spending too much on new summer clothes that I’m not going to get to wear until next year. But I can dream of all the clothes I would like to have in my suitcase, so I’ve done another Holiday Wishlist- just to console myself! I was actually surprised at the amount of summery clothes still available online so for anyone going away in the next few weeks, have a look!


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