Red Obsession

Hi there!

Hope you’re all having a great week.

I don’t know what came over me last week, but I decided that I needed to add more red to my wardrobe asap! Now red is not a colour I would usually wear, often opting for pink or orange instead, but anyway a need for red came over me and I started a mad hunt for some new clothes!

I actually never realized how hard it is to find a nice red dress or playsuit until my days of scrolling up and down all the online stores. It could just be me though, I’m probably too particular about everything in life!

Of course, I saw the fab red palm print Missguided playsuit worn by blogger Louise Cooney in the Seychelles last week and decided that it had to be first on my list. But typically, as soon as I found it, it was sold out. Not one to give up, I searched and searched for the playsuit and after days of checking to see if it was back in stock, I eventually managed to order it with the help of a link. Unfortunately the playsuit is still sold out, but it might come back into stock if anyone wants to have a look.

Playsuit- Missguided, Shoes- Primark

Anyway I’ve put together some of my favourite RED pieces that I found along the way for anyone who is going through a red phase like myself!








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