Debs Dress Inspo!

Hi Guys,

So Debs Season is fast approaching and I’m here feeling another year older! I can’t believe my debs was two years ago already and my dress is still hanging up in the wardrobe waiting for its next outing!

I absolutely loved my debs dress though- as vain as that sounds! I actually tried it on first and I wasn’t 100% sold, but the next morning I was at home and I couldn’t imagine the dress not being my debs dress! So I rang the shop and got them to hold it for me, and I bought it that afternoon! If you know me, you’ll know how fussy I am, so I thought it would take me ages to find a dress but it actually didn’t! So for anyone who doesn’t have a dress yet, there’s still loads of time! I only bought mine in July for my August Debs.


As I said I bought my dress in a boutique called Lola Rose that used to be in Kilkenny. It was such a fab shop with amazing debs dresses and Agnes the owner was (and still is!) an absolute star! She couldn’t have been more helpful when I was looking for a dress!

Anyway, when I was on the hunt for a dress, I didn’t have a clue what type of dress I wanted and even though I knew what I didn’t want, it was still hard to choose! Having said that, I found the dress relatively quick! So just for a bit of inspiration and because I would love an excuse to buy another fab gown, I’ve found a few dresses that I think would be dazzling for a debs this summer! Enjoy!

Click the images to view the dresses!

img_0302_1_3.jpg zd













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